Tuesday, February 28, 2006


i realized that if i had used vanilla like i was supposed to instead of orange extract on those crumbley cookies, they would have been just like chips ahoy! same texture, same taste. i used to love chips ahoy. now i want to make another batch with vanilla. i have to stop by whole foods tonight to get more chips.

if anyone else wants to make the vegan chips ahoy, the recipe was from one of sarah kramer's books (i think garden of vegan). i used a cup and a half of tropical source chocolate chips (my favorites) and i substituted whole wheat pastry flour for regular flour.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

warm jiffy hat

here is my warm jiffy hat, version 2.1. it's the same as the one i gave to marie. i'm a huge fan of the lion jiffy. it's warm and it does indeed knit up in a jiffy. i like its psuedo-wooliness. this hat cost about 70 cents to make.

i'm still working on tank girl. hopefully i'll get a lot done while watching the oscars on sunday.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

birthday boy

hey everyone, it's travis' birthday! pop over to his blog and wish him a happy one!

plus, he has some amazing photos posted from the musee mechanique.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

new olympic event: tattoo/knitting cross

travis had two tattoo sessions last weekend, one on friday and one on saturday. when marie started tattooing on friday, i sat down to knit and i decided that i'd start a hat and race her to see if i'd finish before the end of his session saturday. i won with about a half hour to spare! i made a stockinette hat with a 2x2 rib brim in fisherman (off-white) lion jiffy. my goal was to make an exceptionally warm hat and it worked. i really like the lion jiffy. it's a great cheap yarn. i used michelle's hat knitting tricks and they helped me get a great fit. thanks michelle!

i gave the hat to marie. she's such a sweet person, and a fabulous artist.

i didn't get a picture of the finished hat, but the photo above is her sister that i'm knitting for myself. i need to get more jiffy to finish it.

on the plane, i made some progress on tank girl, made with the recycled yarn.

tonight i'm home by myself and felt like making some cookies. i didn't have any vanilla, so i substituted natural orange extract and made orange chocolate chip cookies (vegan, of course). they are crumbley but they taste yummy.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

getting ready to go to san francisco

we are going to san francisco on thursday for a long weekend. trav is going to get more work on his tattoo on friday and saturday. i promised to sit with him this time, so i am going to bring a lot of knitting to keep me occupied during 12 or 14 hours of tattooing.

i'm getting my projects ready tonight. i'm going to start a hat with off-white ("fisherman") lion jiffy on a size 8 circular needle, in stockinette with a fold-over 2x2 rib brim. i'm going to use michelle's hat knitting tricks.

also, i'm going to make "tank girl" from stitch 'n bitch with recycled yarn from the thrift store plum cardigan. i'm going to make the front and back at the same time on my size 10 36" circular needle. i saw that tip in stitch 'n bitch nation - this way both pieces will be exactly the same length.

now that i have my knitting ready, i'm excited for our trip. in addition to travis getting ink, we are going to celebrate valentine's day and our fifth anniversary with a dinner and champagne at millennium on saturday night.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

jayne's hat

i don't know why i never thought of this before -- knitting a hat like jayne's ugly orange hat on firefly! i thought my idea was so novel until i google it and find that patterns to recreate the hat are all over the internet. i decided to use this one designed by a blogger named erika. (scroll down for pics of jayne in his hat.)

i'm sure by the time i finish it it'll be too warm for this hat, but i can't resist.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

after: pink "J" pillow

thanks for your advice everyone. after attempting to rip apart the sleeves i realized that this yarn had partially felted and would not rip apart. so the decision was made for me, and i sewed this pillow instead. then i remembered that i had this "J" in my craft box -- i bought it a few months ago figuring i'd find some use for it. luckily, my friend's name is jenny, because the "J" is perfect for this pillow.

since all i can say is "i bought a sweater, cut out two pieces, and sewed them together" i'll give this to her as a "housewarming present" rather than as a birthday present. i'll think of something else to get her for her birthday. but still, i hope she likes it. it's not as impressive as knitting a pillow, but it did take me all afternoon.

before: thrift store sweaters

here are the two sweaters i bought at the thrift store to recycle. first, the plum cardigan with embroidered flowers. i love this picture. i am required to tell you all that trav only posed for this photo under duress. i think it looks good on him. he's kind of got a post-kurt cobain thing going on.

i already ripped this one apart and i'm still swatching and deciding what to make with it. my latest idea is to make a sleeveless shell with this yarn and the pink and white "mutiny" i have in my stash. the weather has been so mild here, i'm already thinking of spring and summer projects.

here's the other sweater i bought last week, the one i want to make into a pillow for a friend. i need to get moving on it, her birthday is coming up soon. i really need some help deciding what to do. should i rip it apart and knit a pillow with the yarn, perhaps the "nubbly" pillow from snb nation? or, should i use the sweater as is and sew it into a pillow? obviously, just sewing it into a pillow would be a lot easier, but it would probably come out a lot nicer if i knitted a new pillow, wouldn't it? this friend loves pink and elvis and retro stuff. i think she might like a nubbly pillow a lot more than a plain stockinette pillow. please advise.

maybe i'll take off one of the sleeves and try swatching with it. then, i can make up my mind better and if i decide to sew the pillow i still can. yes! that's what i'll do.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


i've been tagged by michelle for the "four" meme. coincidentally, i've been sick for four days so i haven't been posting much. meanwhile, i have been posting on metroblogging dc -- if you want to see my posts you can click on "jen m." on the list of authors and you'll get a list of my recent posts.

last weekend i had a great trip to the thrift store. among other things, i bought two sweaters to rip apart to recycle the yarn. i've never done this before. yesterday i ripped apart one of the sweaters, a shapeless plum-colored cardigan. i'm going to make a new cardigan out of it, my first attempt at knitting a sweater. i will post "before and after" pics soon. i'm feeling very adventurous lately, trying new things. although it is kind of weird to rip up a plum-colored cardigan just to knit a new plum-colored cardigan.

the other sweater i want to make into a pillow for a friend. i was thinking of just cutting up and sewing the sweater into a pillow, but i think i'm going to rip it apart and knit a new pillow in a funky pattern. i haven't quite decided. any advice from someone who has cut up and sewn a sweater before? will it gum up my sewing machine?

anyway, here's that meme:

Four Jobs You've Had In Your Life:
i just picked some random ones that seemed interesting...

1. in high school i had a summer job at TCBY. it was great: i could eat whatever i wanted (this was before i was vegan) and we were rarely busy during my shift. most of the time i was the only person in the store and my friends would come in and chat with me during my downtime. my friend lori worked at dip top that same summer and her job was so much harder than mine. she had to deal with hordes of screaming children, plus dipping the ice cream in that hardening shell is difficult. i just had to press the lever to dispense the soft yogurt. the one thing i didn't like was making flurries, because i thought they were too much work. when the manager wasn't around i'd just tell people the flurry machine was broken so i didn't have to make flurries. that was probably the best job i've ever had.

2. also during high school, i volunteered as a candy striper at the hospital where my dad works.

3. during college, i was an assistant to a woman who owns her own public relations company and helped her both with administrative tasks and with p.r. work. i got that job after applying to be a part-time nanny for her 6 month old son. she decided she needed a full-time nanny but liked me so much she hired me to work for her p.r. business. during my christmas break in 1993 she was organizing an official party for clinton's inauguration and i volunteered to come down to dc and help her. that was pretty exciting, even though the clintons never made it to our party. i also worked for her briefly the year after i graduated college, before i moved to texas for law school. the 6 month old son is now in high school and i'm still friends with the family.

4. the summer after my first year of law school, i won a fellowship to work for an austin nonprofit that provides legal services to people with HIV. i pretty much spent the entire summer visiting dying clients in their homes or in hospices and helping them complete wills and medical directives. i think that was the best experience i had during law school.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
ok, when you start asking me questions like this i have to give my standard "gemini disclaimer" -- my tastes are constantly changing and anything i put down today might not make the list tomorrow. that said, these four movies are pretty much all time classics...

1. Office Space
2. Sixteen Candles
3. Legally Blond
4. Star Wars

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch:

1. battlestar galactica
2. 24
3. general hospital
4. the simpsons

Four Favorite Books:
i'm really not much of a reader.

1. to kill a mockingbird
2. stitch n' bitch (i taught myself how to knit with it and i use it all the time.)
3. the tipping point (even though i'm not done with it yet) and blink
4. diet for a new america (because it is largely responsible for me deciding to go vegan)

like michelle, i also love the dictionary, but i use rather than a paper dictionary.

Four Albums You Can't Hear Too Often:
really, there is no album i can't hear too often, i get sick of music pretty fast. but some of my most frequently played albums are... (don't forget about the gemini disclaimer)

1. ozomatli -- street signs
2. strike anywhere -- exit english
3. the new transit direction -- unreleased demo
4. linda ronstadt, dolly parton, emmylou harris -- trio II

Four Places You Have Lived:

1. grew up in orange, connecticut
2. currently live in takoma park, maryland ->
3. went to law school in austin, texas (and still one of my favorite places on earth)
4. i was born on Griffiss Airforce Base in upstate new york. the base is out of commission and in fact is now a park which was the site for the 1999 Woodstock festival.

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:
this was too hard to narrow down, so i picked the last four places i've been on vacation...

1. hawaii
2. san francisco
3. alaska ->
4. british virgin islands

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
(excluding my own blogs and my email providers...)

2. (to read the stats on my blogs)
3. michelle knits and other friends' blogs

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:

1. watermelon
2. vegan Mexican food -- if i had to pick just one dish, i'd say a breakfast taco made with homemade soft corn tortilla and fresh guacamole
3. chips and salsa and beer, ideally from mother's cafe in austin, texas. (yes, i love chips and salsa so much that i will not just lump it in with "vegan Mexican food"!)
4. brussel sprouts

Places You Would Rather be Right Now:

1. after that last question, austin so that i could get some good breakfast tacos and mother's chips and salsa.
2. hawaii ->
3. home in bed (i still don't feel well)
4. visiting my dad in connecticut

i'm very excited to be going to san francisco later this month.

Four People You'll Tag:

1. trav
2. krissy
3. liza
4. sarah