Tuesday, March 14, 2006

not too much to report

we painted the dining room last weekend and it looks good. we ended up going with the top color on that swatch, the lightest one. we are going to get wood blinds, so i'm going to wait until the blinds are up to post a picture.

still doing a few rows here and there on tank girl, mostly on the subway. that's about it for my craftiness.

tonight, i have to bake a cake for my bookclub meeting and potluck tomorrow evening. our food theme for this meeting is "eating on a budget" so everyone has to bring something that costs less than $5 to make. i'm going to bake a "wacky cake," which is a cake that traditionally has no eggs, butter, or milk, and is therefore unintendedly vegan. i believe the wacky cake was invented during WWI (and popular during the depression and WWII) to make do because supplies were scarce. the other thing of note about wacky cakes is that they are "dump cakes" -- you just dump all the ingredients into the baking pan, stir and bake. so that's perfect for me, since i hate washing dishes and baking. i got the recipe from trav's mom, but there are many wacky cake recipes on the internet.

if i can "afford" it, i will make a frosting recipe from How it All Vegan and frost the wacky cake. i have to calculate the cost -- i actually didn't have to buy any ingredients for the cake or the frosting, i had them all at home already. so i have a list of what i paid for the ingredients and now i have to do the math to figure out how much 2 cups of flour cost me, etc.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

refurbished vintage lamp

we found this lamp on the side of the street after one of our neighbors had left it out with their garbage. travis fixed it up and rewired it and now it's lovely.

i printed out a photo of it, and i was going to leave it at the house with a note that says "thanks" but maybe i shouldn't alert them to the hazards of throwing out nice stuff. if they stay in the dark, maybe we'll find another treat on the street in the future.

in response to emily's question, here is the lamp as it looks in our "dining room." i don't know what else to call it since our table is in there, but it's not really a separate room. the main floor of our house is pretty much open. i was standing in the kitchen when i took this picture.

see the paint chips on the wall? we are going to paint the "dining room" the color of the second one down from the top.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

frenchy is cozy

remember that pink pillow i sewed out of an old thrift store sweater? frenchy and her mom both love it. isn't this the cutest picture? now that's the kind of appreciation for one's work that all crafty folks dream of getting.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

crafty necklace

i haven't been very crafty the past couple of days, but i always look crafty with my new favorite necklace.

krissy made this and i've been wearing it all the time, so i wanted to show it off. but really this is the last picture of me. i'm so sick of looking at myself!

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