Friday, December 23, 2005

weird tank top thingy revisited

i promised a pic of the weird tank top thingy the next time i wore it -- well, today is the next time i wore it.

i "designed" it to be worn with this jacket. you can't really tell in the picture, but the green yarn has a bit of the same shade of pink as the jacket.

don't i look all clean and freshly scrubed? i had just gotten out of the shower this morning when i got travis to take the picture.

the rest of my outfit for today, in case you are interested, consists of:

~kasper jacket from filene's basement
~tommy hilfiger jeans from filene's basement
~american apparel long sleeve tee
~old (12+ years) anne klein II necklace
~14 gauge stainless steel captive bead ring earrings (i never take them off)
~pink vegan "ugg" type boots from earth shoes (not visible)


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