Wednesday, December 07, 2005

snowman christmas tree ornament

i keep thinking of non-knitting craft projects i want to do to procrastinate from working on my poncho. last night i made this snowman christmas tree ornament as a hostess gift for a tree trimming party we are invited to:

i made it entirely out of scraps -- scraps of white, black, and blue/yellow/green yarn, orange thread from an old sewing repair kit that i got free from a hotel, and scrap cardboard. the "snowballs" are made by wrapping white yarn around circular pieces of cardboard. then i embroidered the buttons, eyes, and carrot nose. finally, i knitted him a little scarf and sewed the whole thing together.

since i didn't have any small knitting needles, to knit the mini-scarf i used bamboo skewers, which i sanded and rubbed on wax paper to smooth them. not an ideal solution for sure, but good enough for government work, as i always say.

i must have been inspired to make a snowman by the beautiful scene i woke up to yesterday morning, after the first snowfall of the season. this is what my street looked like when i walked to the metro yesterday morning.

our house is the closest one on the right. if you want to see more pretty pictures i took on my walk to the metro, check out the full set on my flickr page.

i guess i'm doing a series of photos of my morning walk to the takoma metro during different seasons. there's a set from fall, and now i've started one for winter.


Blogger Atouria said...

I love the snowy photos! It must be pretty neat to live somewhere that gets snow. Ok, so I'm sure it gets old once you live there, but it seems really cool to me. :) Your snowman is a cutie pie! Thanks so much for the well wishes on my blog!

Wed Dec 07, 10:01:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger michelleknits said...

I really like the snow, too, but part of me loves how nice it is to stay in when it's so chilly outside. I like that nice and cozy feeling. That picture series sounds fun, I'm going to check it out in a little bit (my connection is slow, though I don't know why).

Wed Dec 07, 04:44:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger vania said...

what an adorable snowman - you're crafty too! I love that you used skewers on the scarf. Great idea!

Tue Dec 13, 10:03:00 AM GMT-5  

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