Monday, September 19, 2005

another resource on vegan yarn

michelle of michelleknits is another vegan newbie knitter, and her blog has a lot of good info on vegan yarn. i definitely recommend checking it out. it's also fun to read about all the yummy vegan food she gets to eat in NYC. i can't complain about the food here in dc and maryland, but i'm definitely drooling as i read about vegan waffle cones and vegan philly cheesesteak sandwiches. i hope she doesn't mind me linking to her blog.

i have to give michelle major kudos for how far her knitting has progressed. we started knitting around the same time, but her knitting is much more advanced than mine. she's already doing three needle bind offs and small gauge sweaters while i'm noodling around with my weird tank top thingy. i'm happy to keep noodling along at my own pace, but i have serious respect for a gal with such a short learning curve.

speaking of my weird tank top thingy, i finished it in the car on the way to connecticut on saturday, and i wore it to a brunch yesterday. i actually ended up making it into a weird halter top thingy, with straps that tie behind the neck. (i didn't get a picture, maybe next time i wear it.) it's definitely different. i got some compliments on it, but i'm not in love with it. it will get more wear in the winter when i wear it under a suit jacket. that was actually my original intention when i bought the yarn: to make something that would match with a particular suit i own.

i also finished the scarf for my dad in the car on the way home. i'm so excited that i can knit in the car -- i never tried it before because i thought i'd get car sick. now that i can knit in the car, i'm up for a road trip any time! maybe i'll have to hop in the car and head up to NYC for a vegan philly cheesesteak.

of course, i couldn't bear to be completely without a knitting project, so last night i started working on the baby hat for my niece-to-be. i'm making the umbilical cord hat from stitch 'n bitch, and for the first time ever i'm actually following the pattern! i'm using that pakucho organic cotton, knitting with two strands at a time on size 10 needles. the swatch came out just the right gauge and it looks just right for a newborn baby's hat. i got a lot done on the metro this morning -- even i can manage to just knit all stitches (i.e. knitting stockinette in the round) despite the various distractions of knitting in public.


Blogger michelleknits said...

Oh my god! I've never read a blog post that was about me before! No, I don't mind you linking (in fact, I think another vegan knitter found my blog that way). Thanks for the props! Ooh, if you think vegan philly steak is good, you've got to try the vegan mississippi chop sandwich!!!! Ooh, these good "chops," avo, "cream cheese," red pepper, yum!

Tue Sep 20, 05:28:00 AM GMT-5  

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