Friday, September 16, 2005

recycling a failed project: my new camera case

this is my new camera case, formerly my cell phone cover. it was the proto-type for the cell phone cover i made travis. the problem is that it stretched out quickly after it was put into use, and it is now too loose and floppy to use on my cell phone. so i learned my lesson about making covers smaller than the items they are intended to cover, which is how i achieved such a nice fit on travis' cell phone cover.

meanwhile, with all the blogging i've been doing, i've started to use my digital camera quite often, and am enjoying it. it has a sliding cover over the lens, but i should probably have a case for it if i'm going to be throwing it into my bag and carrying it around town all the time. i remembered the cute camera case siel posted about on her blog green LA girl and decided to see whether my too-loose cell phone cover might work better as a camera case, and lo and behold it fits great! now i'm excited to be able to carry my camera everywhere with me and get even more fun pictures for my blogs. now that we are going to be such close friends, i should name her -- i'll call her "ollie" because she's an olympus.

by the way, i'm sorry the photo is so bad. since i was taking a picture of ollie, i used my cellphone camera to get the shot, and it doesn't take such nice pictures. i tried forever to get a nice shot and this was the best i could do.

the yarn i used for ollie's case is a nice, inexpensive 100% cotton yarn that i think works really well for ipod covers, camera cases, and the like. it's "sugar n' cream" by lily. it comes in a lot of great colors. i got it at ac moore, of course. here's a better photo of the sugar 'n cream taken with ollie.

now i just have to get working on a new cell phone cover that fits!


Blogger Siel said...

Pixelle's case hasn't stretched out yet, but I did spill red wine on it -- oops! Luckily, it still looks ok -- :)

Sat Sep 17, 12:05:00 AM GMT-5  
Blogger vania said...

it's great to come across another vegan and knitter! how wonderful. i think i might need to add you as a link so that everyone in my life 'meets' another vegan (i'm alone out here!)

Mon Sep 19, 08:51:00 AM GMT-5  

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