Thursday, September 01, 2005

knitting on planes

i know this is a big issue for knitters. when we went to hawaii i was very concerned that i be able to bring my knitting on the plane -- we had like 12 hours in the air each way!! but i'm happy to say that i had a very good experience. most of the long garter stitch scarf i knit for travis was knitted on the way to hawaii and back.

this is how i handled it: i made sure not to bring my yarn needle and i made sure i had rounded-end scissors, because pointy-ended scissors are not allowed on planes. i also made sure to bring bamboo rather than metal knitting needles because i figured they were less likely to attract attention. when i went through security i took the scissors out of my carry-on and put them in the little plastic tub with my shoes so it was easy for the security folks to inspect them. i went through security with no problem. i had no problem on board either. on one flight, the flight attendant asked that i not use the knitting needles during takeoff and landing so i complied and that wasn't really a problem. all and all, i had a very good experience and i'm SOOOOOO glad i had my knitting with me on the flights. being able to knit made the time just fly by. i would never want to be on a really long flight without my knitting. hmm, unless i could play video games instead. that's probably the only other thing that makes time fly by for me like knitting does.


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