Wednesday, August 31, 2005

fringed dropstitch scarf

this is one of the first things i knitted. i used a dropstitch pattern where i knitted a row, double wrapped a row, then dropped every other stitch for a row and repeat. it's quite open and lacy-looking, i don't know if you can really see that well in the photo.

i used lion brand homespun yarn, and let me tell you that it is a bitch to work with. it splits and frays like crazy. i do not recommend beginner knitters use lion homespun.

as you can see in the photo, the fringe frayed almost instantly. i kind of like the effect although it sheds like crazy. but cory has two cats so she can deal with some shedding.

i made this for my friend cory because she saw me using this yarn and said how much she really loved this color. i thought the stretch and the texture of the yarn knit in a dropstitch would make a feminine but funky scarf that would be both decorative and cozy and just perfect for cory. i hope she likes it! i gave it to her in june so she hasn't had a chance to wear it yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the color selection for this scarf. It looks so warm and cozy!

Thu Sep 01, 07:50:00 AM GMT-5  

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