Thursday, September 15, 2005

weird tank top thingy

this is that weird tank top thingy i wrote about. this is also why i'm a terrible cook -- i hate to follow recipes. i just started knitting this without any clear idea of what i was making. pattern? pshaw, what's that?

i started knitting this in the round and then decided it would look better in a chunky rib and switched to that. i have a suit this yarn would match so i decided that it would be a tank top to wear with that suit. i guess i figured that since most of it would be under the jacket, it didn't really matter too much what it looked like. when i finished knitting the tube, i tried it on to see which way should be "up" and i decided it looked better this way. so now i'm knitting i-cord spaghetti straps for it. i'm still not sure this is something that is really suitable for wearing, but now i've put so much time into it, i'm kind of determined to wear it at least once!

here's a close up of the yarn. it's a really funky acrylic nylon blend i bought at ac moore. it's called "lazy daisy" and the brand is moda dea. this is a good example of the cool synthetic yarns that are available at ac moore. i know i've mentioned it before, but i really recommend ac moore for vegan yarn. as i said, i'm not a snob about using synthetic if it looks good, and i always manage to find a lot of fun vegan yarns at ac moore that i would love to use. i have to credit suzanne for recommending the store to me -- i never would have thought that it would have such good yarn. plus, pairing a trip to the rockville ac moore with a stop at the delicious vegetable garden restaurant right next door makes a super vegan field trip! what's better than an evening of wonton soup and fun yarn?

for those who are looking for warmth without wool, "lazy daisy" definitely fits the bill. i should have taken a photo of the inside - for some reason, most of the poofs stay on the back of the stockinette, making the inside really thick and cozy. (you can see the effect somewhat on the reverse ribs on the top, it's so kooky-looking!) stay tuned for more ac moore finds to come! now i want to go try to finish up my dad's scarf and this monstrosity before the weekend.


Blogger Siel said...

I'm so waiting for you to put up pictures of you wearing this -- very curious --

Thu Sep 22, 01:31:00 AM GMT-5  

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